We can’t design the right solution if we don’t understand what you want to be able to do. Making sure that we deliver what you actually need is part of the Effective IT Solutions difference. Even in the sectors where we already have lots of clients and experience, there’ll always be something specific to your business, so we start every engagement by finding out what makes you tick. We’ll talk to as many people in your business as you’ll allow, to find out what they do now – and what they’d like to be able to do. We’ll also make contact with your other suppliers, especially for your key line-of-business applications, not only to work out what’s involved in hosting and supporting those applications, but also to start building the relationship with the vendor. We’ll survey your existing network and systems thoroughly so that we can plan properly and to make sure we’ve not missed any of the software your people need to do their jobs; this survey also lets us value your existing kit if we’re taking it on as part of the transition.

Email Tech Support

E-mail is abbreviation of Electronics Mail. It’s the most easiest and popular way to exchange message digitally. Email is work through Internet Network. There are many companies who provide Email Service like Google, Microsoft, AOL, Rediffmail, Yahoo, Verizon and lots more.

Virus Removal Tech Support

Get online technical support for virus remmoval from our certified and technical experts for any any kind of issue being faced by virus.

Software Tech Support

Software is one issue which cannot be ignored. Software related problems can hamper performance. Software programs like MS Word, Power point, VLC media player, quick books help in doing the task smartly and promptly. But it is also true on some occasions software creates problems.